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EcoMotion Week 2023, Tel Aviv, 22nd May.

v2roads v2x presentation
V2ROADS - extending our message around a sustainable and safe future to a global audience!

We are excited to announce that V2ROADS recently joined a prestigious Smart Mobility program and participated in a final Pitch event held in Tel Aviv on Monday, 22nd May. It was an exceptional event, and we extend our gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity of promoting on a global stage, V2ROADS’ mission towards building technology, which enables a sustainable and safer future.

We presented the backdrop to V2X technology and the technological revolution that real-time connectivity between a vehicle, its surroundings and infrastructure offers in terms of safety, operating efficiencies, and environmental sustainability. Our description of how V2ROADS is now emerging as an international supplier, able to bring this technology to OEMs, infrastructure and smart city planners across the globe was extremely well received by the audience and sparked a number of valuable discussions with industry experts and specifiers of smart mobility.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Drive TLV, EIT Urban Mobility, mobilityXlab,and STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play for organizing this remarkable event. Your dedication to fostering innovation in the mobility sector is truly inspiring!

At V2ROADS, we remain committed to revolutionizing the connected vehicle industry and delivering cutting-edge software solutions. Thank you all for your continued support as we strive to shape the future of mobility and look forward to spreading the word at similar events in 2023.
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