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V2ROADS Opens New Subsidiary in Israel

We are delighted to announce that V2ROADS has recently opened a branch in Israel to expand our activities with startups in the field of AI, computer vision and autonomous vehicles.

Through the introduction of our new Sales Branch, located in Tel Aviv, we are focused on driving advancements in the smart mobility landscape and in building V2ROADS presence in the Region.

Our new Office in Israel is completely in keeping with our core strategic priorities:

- Ground-breaking innovation – a business presence in Tel Aviv will continue to build on a culture of innovation, bringing together local talent and skilled professionals to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of smart mobility.

- Focussed Research and Development – partnering with local research and academic institutions will help us to accelerate the development of innovative product and services in the Region.

- A dynamic start-up ecosystem - our presence in Israel's dynamic startup ecosystem positions us for rapid growth and collaboration. We are already tapping into a progressive network of local investors, accelerators, and partners to fuel our expansion.

- New urban challenges and pilot opportunities – V2ROADS focuses on solutions that address urban challenges such as congestion, pollution reduction and the enhancement of intelligent transportation technologies. Israel’s diverse landscape offers unique opportunities for piloting, testing and refining our technical solutions.

“By aligning our branch's priorities with these key principles, we are dedicated to shaping the future of smart mobility in Israel and the wider Region. Through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to creating positive urban experiences, we are paving the way for smarter and more sustainable transportation solutions.” commented Ivan Plotnikov, CEO of V2ROADS Ltd. in Israel.

Yaroslav Domaratsky, PhD, CEO of V2ROADS KFT, went on to add, “We are extending our presence in Israel to enrich our core V2X product offerings with additional features in the areas of AI, EV, AV and VRU protection. Together with our partners in Israel, we plan to accelerate V2X adoption in smart cities, highways, agricultural and mining vehicles. This is our strategic direction in line with the growing V2X market opportunities worldwide, opportunities which include for example, the recent FCC announcement to permit C-V2X installations in US and customer requests in APAC.”
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