V2ROADS series A financing.

V2X is an extremely effective way of providing drivers with information relating to road hazards which are outside the normal line of sight and that they would otherwise be unable to see. By warning of such hazards (for example those that are obstructed by other vehicles, or located just around the corner) V2X can considerably help drivers avoid accidents.

By using our product, your next car could communicate in real-time with other vehicles and/or even infrastructure, such as road signs, to deliver a secure and more complete picture of its immediate surroundings, assisting you in avoiding a potential collision and improving vehicle control efficiency.

Our V2X products include software for vehicle On-board Units (OBU), roadside units (RSU), and back-end (cloud) infrastructure. We develop full-featured software solutions, optimized for more sustainable traffic. Together with partners we deliver turnkey V2X solutions including software and hardware. We also provide best-in-class product customization and software development services.

We are looking to raise series A financing to ramp up sales and company involvement globally, optimize the platform for scale & ROI, and emphasize thought leadership.

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