V2ROADS has signed MOUs with X-COMIT

In July 2023, V2ROADS and X-COMIT have entered into a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), strengthening their global partner ecosystem.

V2ROADS is a Hungarian company, which provides software products for in-vehicle electronic devices and smart road infrastructure. V2ROADS’ products include V2X software for vehicle On-Board Units (OBU), Road-Side Units (RSU) and server (cloud) infrastructure, which bring significant benefits for vehicles with automation levels 3, 4 and 5, and electrical vehicles.

X-COMIT is an Italian company manufacturing V2X RSUs (Road-Side Units) and implementing innovative technological solutions in the fields of Vulnerable Road Users and Intelligent Transport Systems to deliver improvements in driving and personal safety, the protection of vehicles and goods, and optimization in the use of natural resources through respect for the environment.

V2ROADS together with X-COMIT plan to:

− integrate V2ROADS V2X software and X - COMIT V2X devices with 3rd party solutions such as AI powered safety cameras, radars, LiDARS, PKI infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions,

− cooperate in jointly promoting each other’s technology in conjunction with their solution to grow the global V2X market.

«We see X-COMIT as the strategic partner to integrate our V2X software products with cities and highway ITS infrastructures. We are committed to supporting V2X project opportunities in EU, US and India, particularly in the areas of vehicle and Vulnerable Road User (VRU) safety, traffic efficiency and more optimal electrical and autonomous vehicle operation. We also plan to support V2X based road tolling.» - commented Yaroslav Domaratsky, PhD, V2ROADS CEO

"We believe that the future of road safety lies in V2X and our goal is to provide the most advanced systems to support this revolution, providing a range of ready-to-use RSUs for multiple application scenarios. Our partnership with V2ROADS plays a key role in this and allows us to expand our international network with one of the most important players in V2X software." – said Alfredo Gaggia, X-COMIT CEO.
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