RSU RSU-R1 is a road telecommunication element designed to build a V2X technology data transmission network between road traffic objects and an intelligent transportation system. RSU-R series support both DSRC/ITS-G5 and C-V2X technologies.

Road side unit (RSU)

Cars equipped with V2X devices (OBU - on-board unit) transmit data about the location and status of their systems to the telecommunications elements of the road infrastructure (RSU - road side unit). The ITS-G5 protocol stack standardized by ETSI transmits data over the air between RSU and OBU. vehicles.
The RSUs analyze the information received from a plurality of vehicles and generate a distribution of warning messages about possible collisions and other incidents. Alerts about potential incidents are also sent to the ITS platform (Intelligent Transport System) to take the necessary actions depending on the incident and collect statistics for individual sections of the road network.
In turn, the ITS platform, based on data entered by operators and data from other systems, generates messages transmitted to the RSU (information about planned road works, information about significant deterioration in weather conditions, information about the operating modes of traffic light objects etc.).
The RSUs sent out warnings to passing vehicles.
V2X Applications and Services
Hazardous locations, Road adhesion, Visibility, Wind
RSU-R1 supports the following V2X applications and services (together with the implementation of the corresponding applications on the side of the vehicle on-board unit - OBU):
Roadwork warning (RWW)
Human presence on the road
Red Light Violation Warning.
Signal violation warning
RSU-R1 - outside view:
RSU-R1 - inside view:
DSRC Antenna:
GPS antenna: