V2X integration and data analytics platform (V2AP) – is a server-side software enabling V2X services to improve safety and efficiency of the road traffic. V2AP also allows access to high-resolution digital road map.

V2X integration and data analytics platform

Software overview
RSU communication provides RSU-server connectivity by a protocol based on EGTS
Integration adapters connect to complex and instrumental ITS subsystems available on the road equipped with V2X
API connects the backend with a Web-based User Interface
Data collection and processing allow CRUD operations with database
Data analytics calculates KPIs, determines pre-failure system states and implements data analytics algorithms for autonomous vehicles
Monitoring and alerting realises system monitoring, notifies a user of pre-failure and emergency system states
Integration bus provides persistent data flow between system elements
Operator's automated workplace serves configuring system elements, accessing data analytics and viewing the system status
Extra services for autonomous vehicles.
The following subsystems based on microservices architecture are supported:
RSU Interaction Features
RSU status information receipt (location, status, configuration, network address)
Configuration of applications and services (CA, DEN, RLT, TLM, GPC), the road network map and RSU operating mode
Transfer of the data on planned road works and dangerous road stretches
Road events, road topology, road signs and traffic lights data transfer to RSU
RSU software update
Control commands transfer to the RSU (reboot, operating mode, reserve mode).
Web-based UI Features
Information on the state of system elements and their configuration
Addition of new RSU devices to the system and their configuration, operating mode management, active and backup equipment integration
RSU location and status information is displayed on the map
Visualization of V2I and V2V messages
Information of OBU equipped vehicles: location, heading, speed
KPIs - display and statistics calculation
Management of planned road works and dangerous road stretches
Full-text search, data sorting and filtering, configurable via several parameters
Filters can be preset to increase workflow speed
Geolocation filtering of events and equipment to varying degrees of detail
Normal and compact display modes
Service and traffic heat maps for measurement of performance KPIs
Traffic-light mode, real-time display with road network topology and road signs data overlay
Highways mnemonic diagrams
Flexible configuration of dashboards and charts
Display and editing of the road network, including road types, installation locations and topology of traffic signs.
V2AP is delivered as Docker images installed to Customer's Kubernetes cluster or in cloud. The hardware with preinstalled V2AP software is also available.